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Audio Samples

by Bowtime and Fretless Strings

Romantic Room Makeover orchestrated by The Heart Bandits.  Stephanie Young on violin and video by COO Images.

Timelapse Cinematography:  Kaj Kvellesvig
Composer: Luke Wieting

Violin:  Stephanie Young
Download the song here:

Nine Worlds Ensemble performing Popsicle from our new album The Seasons. Music composed by: Thor Bremer Marimba: Thor Bremer Violin: Stephanie Young Guitar: John Lewis Piano: Ian Wilson Bass: Oliver Horton Shot by DZ Records
"Sailing," performed at "Springing From Winter" on March 21, 2015, by Bowtime Quintet. Music written and arranged by Thor Bremer. Violin: Stephanie Young. Marimba: Thor Bremer. Acoustic Guitar: John Lewis. Piano: Ian Wilson. Bass: Dennis Johnson